African Nations Going To The 2014 World Cup In Brazil

African Nations World Cup Football Guide

If you love or will be supporting an African nation in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil here is our country guide, this aims to shot you into the summer football zone. Here we are also talking about African national pride, passion and love for the game of football. Five African nations have qualified for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil:

  1. Algeria
  2. Cameroon
  3. Ghana
  4. Ivory Coast, Cote de Ivory
  5. Nigeria and continental champions

Cameroon VS Mexico Fri June 13
Ivory Coast Vs Japan Sat June 14
Nigeria VS Iran Mon June 16
Ghana VS USA Mon June 16
Algeria VS Belgium Tue June 17
Cameroon VS Croatia Wed June 18
Ivory Coast VS Colombia Thu June 19
Nigeria VS Bosnia Sat June 21
Ghana VS Germany Sat June 21
Algeria VS Korea Sun June 22
Cameroon VS Brazil Mon June 23
Ivory Coast VS Greece Tue June 24
Nigeria VS Argentina Wed Jun 25
Ghana VS Portugal Thu June 26
Algeria VS Russia Thu Jun 26

There were three rounds of qualifying. The first round found 24 teams trying to make it into the second round of competition, where there were ten groups of four teams. In the third round, the 10 group winners played off over two legs to determine who took Africa's five places in Brazil.

Four of these nations are from West Africa, three of these nations are French speaking the others national language in English. The highest FIFA ranking nation is Cote de Ivory at 21. This is second time they are have represents the continent at the World Cup. The most experience nation is Cameroon, this is their 6th time in the competition.


Group H
Algeria flag
Algeria are the French speaking North African Arabic country. Their currency is the Algerian dinars (DZD). The national dish of Algeria is couscous. See Arabic food is served at these places African/French/Moroccan. Betting on Algeria winning go to our home page.


Group A
Cameroon flag
If you believe Cameroon are going all the way to the final head to these spots. Currency is Cooperation Financiere en Afrique Centrale francs (XAF) CFA franc.


Group G
Ghana flag
Ghana are appearing for the second time in the world cup. This West African country is famous for the gold coast. The Gold Coast was a British colony on the Gulf of Guinea in west Africa that became the independent nation of Ghana in 1957. Its currency is the cedis (GHC).
Ghanaian cedi GSH. They like Fufu, kenkey or banku and palaver stew to eat.

Ivory Coast, (Cote Divoire - French)

Group C
Cote Divoire flag

Ivory Coast the next nation in our list has a population of x million. The national dish is Fufu and stew. They like to drink Star beer. The currency is the Communaute Financiere Africaine francs (XOF) CFA franc.


Group F

Nigeria flag
Where can I watch the world cup if I am supporting Nigeria or where can I find more about the people and culture. The national dishes are yam, cassava, gari, jolloff rice with star beer to drink. is currency is the nairas (NGN).

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Enjoy the World Cup.

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