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Jack Cartwright Stuns The MMA World

Submitted by jleigh on Thu, 09/12/2019 - 21:36
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Cartwright shocks critics with two first round KO's during one night Tournament in London, for the Cage Warriors Bantamweight Championship.

Underdog Prevails

Cartwright wasn’t a favourite for the one-night tournament however he proved all of his doubters wrong, with extremely aggressive output in the 2 rounds he was involved in the whole night, out of a possible 6. Subsequent to knocking Scott Malone out hours earlier, he faced deviant wrestler Marko Kovacevic in the final. Cartwright didn’t stop throwing leather and with the heavy hands he has it therefore didn’t take long for him to starch his opponent and become crowned Cage Warriors Bantamweight Champion. He stated after the fight ‘’ I’ve been doing this since I was five’’ believing all of the fans shouldn’t have been shocked as he knew he was capable of this, due to the length of time he has trained MMA. After spending almost all of his life training and loving the sport, he is finally rewarded for his hard work. Although Cartwright now holds gold he may still need to prove himself more before a call up to the UFC. Currently 7 fights and still undefeated, if he reaches 10 without a loss then he is undoubtedly worthy of a shot at the UFC, so the question to ask now is who will he fight next?

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Lightweights Bleed In Three Round Thriller

An extremely exciting co-main event between Joe Mccolgan and Mehdi Ben Lakhdhar who both proved tough and powerful in this 15-minute war. A dominant first round from Mccolgan due to Lakhdhar being so open to strikes meant Lakhdhar adapted and started to pick his shots better and gain confidence in the second, however Mccolgan quickly started to regain his confidence and landed the best strikes in an all stand up fight, meaning he lead the fight 2 rounds to zero heading into the last 5 minutes. Throughout all of round 3 Lakhdhar took the crowd by surprise and caught Mccolgan lacking from burnout and proceeded to land every punch and kick fantastically precise to end the fight with a 10-8 round, resulting in a draw for this fight of the night brawl, calling for an unmissable rematch, soon.

Irish Prospect Ian Garry Performs Again

The main card kicked off with a highly promising prospect Ian Garry fighting in his second professional fight. The early stages of the fight consisted of Matteo Ceglia trying to force a fight on the canvas. Meanwhile, Garry was defending well and constantly smashing Ceglia with leg kicks. Eventually, Ceglia was expecting another painful leg kick from Garry but was surprised with a proficiently faked leg kick that caught Ceglia in the eye, causing him to stumble down and for Ian Garry to land a flying knee to end the fight. Continuing the hype for the 2-0 (professional record) Irish fighter with an amateur record of 6-1. This KO certainly stated his name to the rest of the Middleweight division, displaying he may have what it takes to be a future champion. Looking to keep the win streak going, Garry has been confirmed to fight at Cage warriors Ireland on November 9th.

Upcoming Cage Warriors Events

Liverpool September 28th
Cardiff 12th October
Birmingham October 28th
Ireland November 9th
London November 22nd

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